What is Michelle Rose CSF?

Michelle Rose CSF is a community-supported fishery based in Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island B.C.

A community supported fishery (CSF) operates under a unique system that allows for direct, fair trade between fishers and consumers. As a member of a CSF, you get the west coast's highest quality seafood at prices fair to both members and fishers. The Michelle Rose CSF is operated by long-time West Coast fisherman, Guy Johnston.

From Guy

Prior to each fishing season, members purchase a share of the season's catch. This helps my cash flow at the beginning of the season, and I know how much fish to bring home. Once the fish are caught, members pick-up their salmon shares in Cowichan Bay, Sidney, or newly added Pender Island. The pick ups are first whole salmon in late August -early September and fillets in mid to late September.

Michelle Rose CSF members receive fish frozen at sea at the time of capture, meeting the highest level of quality - the sushi standard. The salmon is dressed and frozen and glazed in chilled sea water for the freshest taste.

Do you want to eat tasty, locally, and sustainably caught seafood and help support local fishers involved in a sustainable food system?

Become a member in the Michelle Rose Community Supported Fishery (CSF), buy a share of the year's catch before the season, and get:

  • A Salmon Share, either whole dressed head off salmon or filleted salmon. The shares are a mix of coho and pink salmon or pinks only.
  • To eat healthy, sustainably harvested West Coast seafood year-round.
  • A direct connection with the local fishing community with on the wharf pick-up of seafood in Cowichan Bay, Sidney or Pender Island in late summer or early fall.
  • The opportunity to support sustainable fisheries, local fishers, the local economy and food security while helping build community in the Cowichan Valley and South Vancouver Island.
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