Michelle Rose CSF in a time of Covid

These are very hard times , affecting all of us in different ways. In amongst the pain and suffering , I think we are catching glimpses of a different world emerging. A world were community , local and resilient have new importance. I like to hang on to these images.

    The CSF is Still On. Fishing and food production in general have been declared essential services , so we will be  heading out fishing. The past few weeks I have been working continuously  with other fishermen  on Protocols for interactions with coastal First Nations and communities.  We are reliant on these communities  for unloading, food and other supplies. We need the them and us all to be safe in this pandemic. The fleet has decided to delay the prawn season for  2 weeks, . So there will be some changes in timing, but as always I will email you 1 week prior to the pick up. 

  For the pick up we will organize in a way to allow  physical distancing . Check out the website and our face book page for updates and to see how fishing is going .DSC01156


There is no life without a community of souls.

We imperfect souls blazing through the universe in search of true love. A true love of ALL living things.
Let us protect what we have left when this lifts.
Let’s not go back.
We have it in us to be so much more.

Words by Jann Arden


CSF Share Form 2020

Click on the link above to open the share form and get more information about the CSF for the 2020 season

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