How it works

A community-supported fishery is direct fair trade between fishermen and consumer. As a member of a CSF you get the highest quality seafood produced on the west coast at prices that are fair to both members and fishermen.

As a member of Michelle Rose CSF, you would buy a share of the year’s catch before the season. The following is a description of the share in a typical year .  A share is made up of shellfish (prawns and shrimp) or various species of salmon, or a combination of shellfish and salmon. Members can pick-up their seafood at either Cowichan Bay or Tsehum harbour’s Fishermen’s Wharf; shellfish in early summer and salmon in late summer.Loading freezer plates

All the catch is frozen at sea at the time of capture, meeting the highest level of quality—the sushi standard. Prawns and shrimp are packaged in one-pound lots immersed in salt water and frozen. The salmon is dressed and frozen and then glazed in chilled sea water for the freshest taste. You can enjoy your fish when it best suits you.

When CSF members commit to buy the catch for the upcoming season, I know how much fish to bring home and as a CSF member you will get:

  • Two pick-ups of high quality seafood.
  • The knowledge you are eating all Ocean Wise Approved sustainably harvested seafood.OW_program_logo_black1
  • To support sustainable fisheries, local fishermen, the local economy, and local food security.
  • Some years, hard-to-access sockeye salmon, which otherwise would be exported.

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