Rockfish and blackbean sauce

Defrost the rockfish overnight in the fridge –

Once defrosted scale the fish by scrapping a knife from tail to head until scales are off fish

gut the fish

Cut off the fins and tail

  • cut rockfish diagonally across body
  • rub in salt and pepper
  • rub in mixture of black bean sauce, soya , red pepper flakes, all over the body of the fish
  • Toasted sesame oil
  • sliced ginger

Place sliced ginger over the rockfish

place green onion over fish

  • place fish in a pan ,
  • place a rack into a turkey roast pan,
  • place the pan in a turkey roasting pan
  • put some water into the turkey roasting pan
  • steam for 15-20 minutes
  • when the fish is almost cooked, heat 1/2 cup of high heat oil until smokey then pour over the fish just before serving
Serve right away and enjoy

you pull the flesh away from the skeleton to serve

all that is left after the feast