Member Share Form

This year we are again offering the full range of seafood shares – coho and pink salmon whole and fillets, chum salmon whole, prawns and king shrimp tails, octopus, and smoked salmon.

2019 will be a northern year, so we will have different rockfish and possibly ling cod that we typically get as bycatch . We will have this for sale as extra to your shares as we never know how much rockfish we will get. By selling our bycatch we are able to have no discards and fully utilize all we catch

Membership and Shares

2019 memberships and shares are now available. As a member you purchase one or more CSF shares:

Salmon + Shellfish Shares
Combined: Shellfish & Salmon (whole) $300
Combined: Shellfish & Salmon (fillet) $300
Half: Shellfish & Salmon (whole) $150
Half: Shellfish & Salmon (fillet) $150
Salmon Only Shares
Salmon – Pink & Coho (whole) $200
Salmon – Pink & Coho (fillet) $200
Pink Salmon (whole) $200
Pink Salmon (fillet) $200
Shellfish Only Shares
Shellfish $150
Smoked Salmon Shares
Hot Smoked Salmon $50
Candied Smoked Salmon $50
Other Shares
Chum – whole $50
Octopus $50