Member share form

Click here for Member Share Form

New in 2019:

Your our now able to complete the member share form online!

  1. Fill out the form using a pdf viewer (most common applications like Adobe can do this)
  2. Once completed click save or print to pdf  under the file menu
  3. email the filled out form to along with payment either by cheque or e-transfer

By mail:

  1. Fill out the form as above
  2. Print the 2019 Membership share form
  3. Send it with a cheque made payable to Michelle Rose Fishing to:
    Michelle Rose CSF
    1760 Pritchard Road
    Cowichan Bay, BC
    V0R 1N1

We will sent you an email confirming we have received your member share. During the season, we will send you an email a week-to-10-days prior to the pick up dates.

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