Snowy day in Cowichan bay



I am busy preparing the CSF information packet for 2017. We will be heading north in 2017 , so that means we will have salmon again, coho and pinks.. As usual we will have prawns , king shrimp and Octopus in the early summer.  Something new for this year we will have ling cod fillets and dressed ling cod.I will post the info packet and email it as soon as it is ready. Have a good holiday season.

Guy and the crew


How to feed a family delicious/ nutritious Seafood!

Something new this year! A Pink only share or the How to feed a family share ! Pink salmon contain the same high nutritious value as sockeye or coho. They have a milder taste then their high class brethren and for children that is sometimes just the thing to introduce them to salmon. They are also half the cost of sockeye or coho; a $200.00 whole pink share has over 70lbs of salmon – about 20 to 30 fish. They are great barbequed or baked with butter and tarragon. They smoke well, are perfect for making salmon cakes and ideal for canning. Biologically pinks are a real success story, yet they are barely harvested by the small boat fleet due to the low prices paid by the fish companies and the high cost of fuel. At Michelle Rose CSF we see this as a opportunity to get more people eating salmon and give young and larger families a great way to enjoy some great seafood.

Take a look at our website at to learn more about the CSF and all the different shares available.

The early bird draw, get your member share form and a cheque dated March1 or earlier  to be in the draw for 2 people for a days cruise and prawn fishing  in the southern gulf islands and a chance to  see how a commercial boat works.