Michelle Rose CSF in a time of Covid

These are very hard times , affecting all of us in different ways. In amongst the pain and suffering , I think we are catching glimpses of a different world emerging. A world were community , local and resilient have new importance. I like to hang on to these images.

    The CSF is Still On. Fishing and food production in general have been declared essential services , so we will be  heading out fishing. The past few weeks I have been working continuously  with other fishermen  on Protocols for interactions with coastal First Nations and communities.  We are reliant on these communities  for unloading, food and other supplies. We need the them and us all to be safe in this pandemic. The fleet has decided to delay the prawn season for  2 weeks, . So there will be some changes in timing, but as always I will email you 1 week prior to the pick up. 

  For the pick up we will organize in a way to allow  physical distancing . Check out the website and our face book page for updates and to see how fishing is going .DSC01156


There is no life without a community of souls.

We imperfect souls blazing through the universe in search of true love. A true love of ALL living things.
Let us protect what we have left when this lifts.
Let’s not go back.
We have it in us to be so much more.

Words by Jann Arden


CSF Share Form 2020

Click on the link above to open the share form and get more information about the CSF for the 2020 season

Michelle Rose CSF

Whats new for 2018 ?

Sockeye! yes we will have sockeye again this year , the first time since 2014 season. We will be fishing salmon on the south coast this year. Sockeye salmon has a 4 year  cycle and this is the season for the dominate Adams river run coming back to the Fraser river. So get ready to eat some amazing sockeye salmon again this year!

We will be fishing prawns, King shrimp and Octopus in the spring as usual.

We are in the process of preparing the member information packet and we will be emailing this out to members and interested people soon.


Seafood for the Holidays is Sunday the 12th

Note that we will be at the boat Sunday Nov 12th ( not Saturday )

This is a chance to get more West coast bounty for the winter

When : Sunday Nov 12th 10-3

Where : Cowichan bay Fisherman’s Wharf  1700 Cowichan Bay road

Seafood available:

Coho fillets – $14.75/lb

Pink Fillets – $7.25

Prawn tails – $32/lb in 1 lb packages

King Shrimp tails – $32/lb

see you Sunday

Trolling Chums up in Johnstone Straits



Sea food for the Holidays

Do you want some sustainably  harvested treats from the sea. Michelle Rose CSF will be be at the wharf this coming weekend:

When: Saturday, Nov. 12 from 10 till 30

Where: Cowichan bay Fishermen’s wharf, 1700 Cowichan bay road


Coho fillets – $14.75/lb   average 2 lbs

Pink fillets – $7.25/lb  average 1 lb

Prawn tails – $32/lb  in 1 lb packages

King Shrimp tails  – $32/lb in 1 lb packages

small amount of whole fish

as always come early to make sure you get what you want

note – we will not have smoked salmon till later this fall


Snowy day in Cowichan bay



I am busy preparing the CSF information packet for 2017. We will be heading north in 2017 , so that means we will have salmon again, coho and pinks.. As usual we will have prawns , king shrimp and Octopus in the early summer.  Something new for this year we will have ling cod fillets and dressed ling cod.I will post the info packet and email it as soon as it is ready. Have a good holiday season.

Guy and the crew